Arizona Court Cases

LHC Municipal Court Case MCR2010-01153 (Download)

National Green Standards of Performance


The Ocean Protection Policy


Emergency Plan of Action Proposal to California Coastal Commission

"Planetary Emergency" Plan of Action (Download)



Reclamator Engeering Report 10/15/07


Federal Court Case

Murphy v. Schwarzenegger US District Court 9/16/09
US District Court Complaint 10/24/08

RICO ACTION 02/19/10

Presidential Adoption & Enforcement (Download)

State Superior Court Case

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Opposition: click here
Motion to Strike: click here
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First Amended Complaint (4-27-09): click here

Declaration of DEE THOMAS MURPHY (4-27-09): click here

Ex Parte and Emergency Declaratory Judgment: click here
Ex Parte Attachment: click here

Emergency injunctive and declaratory relief 5-12: click here



2009 Ocean Protection Council Meeting - Part 1 - 09/17/09


2009 Ocean Protection Council Meeting - Part 2 - 09/17/09



2009 Interagency Ocean Protection Task Force - 09/17/09


KSBY TV news story on The Reclamator 7/8/08

AES Biological Process